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Šlomo Surayt Corpus

This corpus portal is part of the Surayt-Aramaic Online Project (SAOP) which aims at developing the Surayt-Online course for intermediary and advanced levels (B1-2, C1 and C2) and producing additional linguistic material for the teaching of Surayt (also known as Turoyo).

Surayt is a Neo-Aramaic language belonging to the Aramaic branch of the Semitic language family, which is enlisted as “severely endangered” by the UNESCO. It is spoken by the Syriac Christians (also known as Assyrians and Arameans) in different countries in the Middle East. Surayt is a non-recognized minority language in the Middle East where it has been repressed and excluded from any official education. Due to the mass emigration of its speakers, the language has drastically weakened, and the number of active speakers in the Western diaspora is rapidly decreasing, particularly among the second and third generations.

The main website of the project is www.surayt.com.

Co-Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Freie Universitat
Stockholms Universitet
Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute Midyat Suryani Kultur Derneoi